We believe that the work through our bodies is the most sustainable, truthful and authentic way to explore and enhance ourselves and our actions.

All our offers are based of and follow the philosophy and principles of the Theory-U by Otto Scharmer


What can the body, our inner beingness be other than presencing?

it compasses directly towards presencing (open mind, open heart, and open will)

What can the body be other than the Self?

as it is in presence and will become into future presences


All courses highlight the Theory-U paradigm of the  „interior dimension“

In each course you will be informed of which framework skills you are exploring. 


Our courses are each a pebble contributing to your life-long journey

We Consider

the body as synonymous to the self knowing that its inclusion produces sustainable, personal and authentic development

We know that

the success of interventions depends on the inner plays of those who operate

you will

go on a personal journey based on the frame of body/self inclusion and the principles of Theory-U 

We invite you who knows this in the depth of your heart and  are ready for  this journey



       Your Venture

You can participate as an individual. should you be interested as a firm or team leader, we can offer you any of our courses as a private event. Please contact us.

Language is German and/orEnglish

Intuition is knowing without thinking

course duration: 3 hours, see dates and prices here

Intuition is the ability to gain insights or make decisions based on feelings, impressions or inner perceptions without these being based on rational analysis or logical thinking.

Framework skills

BEING: inner compass, integrity, authenticity, self awareness;
RELATING: appreciation;
ACTING: courage, creativity

Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect.

Steve Jobs

Intuition is perception via the unconscious that brings forth ideas, images, new possibilities and ways out of blocked situations.

Course content Theory-U factors

  • Introduction to the role of the body generally and specifically, what we understand as body/self and the moved body/moved self, why it is an excellent tool to the inner place from which we operate and how it’s to the personal inner journey
  • What is the nature of intuitions a tool to deeper cognition?
  • Connecting to the body with breath and movement inquriy
  • Diving deeper into the own world (body & deeper cognition) building connections to different capacities
  • Approach and connection to the intuitive self through specific movement
  • Preconditions and disturbances for intuition
  • Discover your patterns: what needs being updated/nourished  in terms of the flow of intuition 
  • Share and listen: connect to others and broaden yourself
  • Implement into you life and job